Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 39, and broccoli

I don't recall having tried to paint broccoli before, which is odd since we always have it around because the parrot loves it. He alternates between liking the florets or the stems, though, and whichever part is his current favorite, the other part becomes anathema to him.

Day 37 and Some More Tomatilloes

Green is such a fun color to paint. Utterly frustrating and infuriating, but fun. And painting on a super-slick surface has its drawbacks, aswell. The paint goes down easy, but comes up just as fast, requiring some tricky brush maneuvering to keep it applying well. Sort of like trying to put down a long roll of fly-paper, or vintage chewing gum.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 36--Another Landscape

Just some fun with a layered landscape -foreground, middle-ground, background--in which the layers separate out completely and absolutely. It's also a view of my favorite marsh: Jacobs Point.

Day 35--A Landscape

I've realized that I don't often paint skies, which is odd since I love looking at them and constantly photograph and sketch them. This is a step toward addressing that lack, and a lot of fun to paint. It was just a really gorgeous late-winter day on the marsh with a lot of crisply-defined and clear-cut clouds. A fun mixture of blues, whites and grays.