Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 2

It's funny. I never cease finding new ways to get in my own way. I had a lot of fun painting the turnip the day before, with brushes and painting knife, so naturally I felt vaguely guilty about it. "It's too easy...too fun...The knife makes it simple to contrast softer strokes with's got to be wrong." So, naturally, I had to paint the turnip again, just brushes. I did cover the board I'm using as a table with primer, so as to make a neutral ground where I don't have to keep worrying about painting wood grain, just to make that aspect a little easier. The result doesn't give me a headache or anything, but I wish it had some crisper bits.


  1. It is fun to see what you'll turn up every day...

  2. Well, I am more than a week back into it, although with the studio at a gelid 58 degrees it takes the paint a week to dry hard enough for me to scan the art.