Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 40--Skull on Brown

OK, I made a mistake and bought a gallon of chocolate-brown exterior latex instead of white. I intended to use it to add some extra primer to the panels I use for my daily paintings, since the texture as they come from the manufacturer is sort of....awful. Upon opening the can and realizing that it was now unreturnable, I briefly considered painting my house brown, but realized that it would be an interesting experiment to paint one or two hundred little paintings on a dark ground. Since I'm drawn to lighter-colored subjects: bones, glass bottles, shells; it's got some interesting potential.

This is a painting of one of my coyote skulls, donr on the brown ground. It was a really interesting change from painting on a white ground--I was much more aware of the relative lightness of things, as opposed to their relative darkness, if that makes any sense. I'm also paying an awful lot of attention to the edges and the colors; perhaps more than before, since I'm having to establish them actively rather than getting the shadows and letting the lights take care of themselves.

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